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Solar is one of the cheapest ways to produce electricity (and it’s only getting cheaper).

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Schultz Electric is the preferred installer for all HES PV solar panels and we are dedicated to helping Canadians use solar electricity in their homes and businesses. With over 30 years of industry experience, we use our knowledge base and the best equipment available to provide quality energy solutions. Systems are reliable, safe and durable. We can ensure your project delivers clean, reliable energy from the sun.

HES PV has solar electric solutions for every application: Residential Solar in Canada, Off-Grid Solar Installations , Commercial Grid-Tie Solar and Remote Power applications. HES PV is the largest Solar Distributor in Canada, stocking leading brands such as Qcells, Enphase, Fronius, APsystems, Outback, Magnum and Rolls products. They have warehouses in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Barrie, Montréal & Halifax, so product and parts are only a quick call away.

Here are some common questions asked about Solar Panels:

How long do they last?

Solar electric panels like those made by Sharp Solar have a 25 year power output warranty. They commonly last many years more than that. The system will likely continue to produce electricity long after the 20 year Feed-In Tariff contract has run out.

Why choose an HES-PV Solution?

HES has many years of experience with solar electric systems on homes, and has brought together systems using the best components: HES Solar modules, Fast-Rack mounting systems and inverters with 10+ year warranties. When investing in equipment for a 20 year power production contract you want to be sure to choose a brand that you can rely on; HES Solar as the leading industry brand name.

I’ve heard about a new low cost solar panel...

There is lots of investment in Solar technology development. The best producing solar panels for rooftops are crystalline silicon solar cells. These offer the highest efficiency, reducing the cost of mounting equipment and time to install. Low efficiency panels are less expensive per module, but will often result in higher system costs due to the larger array size. HES-PV uses only high efficiency Hanhwa products in its grid-tie systems.

How do I know what my system is producing?

The inverter has a display that shows the cumulative energy produced by the solar array. All participants in the FIT program must install a second utility meter that logs and records the kilowatt-hours of energy produced by the solar system, and your utility will send you a cheque each billing period.

How do the systems attach to my roof?

HES-PV recommends the Fast-Rack systems. These unique solar panel mounting systems secure the modules to the roof with a low profile brackets covered with anodized trim pieces. They have special self sealing roof attachments that make sure the panels are strongly attached but watertight. If your roof needs replacing in the future, the system can be disassembled and reinstalled after the roofers have completed the roof.

Canadian Solar Energy Programs

Across Canada, home owners are adding solar panels to their roofs in order to save electricity and to reduce their power bills. They are choosing to use their own solar energy first, and many homes meet 20-50% of their annual power needs from their rooftop system. They are choosing to use green energy over nuclear and coal. Since prices for solar power in Canada have fallen dramatically over the past 5 years, solar power systems are now affordable.

These Canadian Solar Energy Programs make it easier for Canadians to integrate solar power systems into their homes. Solar power systems last for decades, so home owners will continue to save money on their power bills for years to come. An investment in solar energy is an investment in your family’s environmental and financial future.

HES PV offers Grid-Tie Systems that make it easier than ever to integrate a solar power system into your home. Their Canada-wide network of dealers and installers are ready to help you put solar to work in your home. Canadian Solar Energy Programs include MicroFIT, FIT, Net Metering, and MicroGen.

Give us a call to find out more about Canadian solar energy programs in your area.