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Commercial, Solar, Industrial, Farm, and Home

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality electrical design, installation, and maintenance to Saskatchewan’s industrial, commercial, solar, agriculture and residential markets.

Our Vision

To be a leading commercial and industrial electrical company in Saskatchewan, while remaining true to ourvalues.

Our Values

  • Safety is everyone’s top priority, ensuring at the end of the day, we all go home safe
  • We always produce a top quality product. “Good enough” is not good enough
  • We aim for excellence, to exceed expectations in everything we do
  • We are honest and fair to everyone – our clients, employees, suppliers, and owners
  • We are always looking for ways to be innovative, and are open to learning, growing and continuously improving
  • Working together as a team and keeping the lines of communication open, ensuring not only your wants are met, but also your needs
Photo of Brett and Brenda Schultz, owners of Schultz Electric


Schultz Electric was established by Brett and Brenda Schultz in 1998 and was incorporated in 2007. We started as a small residential/farm company and grew into large commercial, industrial construction and maintenace along with a strong hold in solar design and installation sectors.

We pride ourselves on being diverse and having the employees to fit any job starting at residential new construction, agricultural Constuction and Maintenace, commercial construction and maintenace and industrial construction and maintenace. We have a team that can lead in any situation providing top quality and service to all our customers. We have taken a big leap in our green energy department, providing co-generation/standalone systems for residential, agricultural, and commercial application.

We have always been known for our passion for quality. We continue to maintain our core values of safety, quality and attention to detail on every project. Our focus is on providing solutions to ensure your project remains on time and within budget.



Ask us about our in-house financing on all of our work (OAC).

You could get a new electrical service for as low as $30/month.

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