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Never worry about a power outtage again...

We rely on electricity to heat our homes and cottages and to power our appliances. It can be devastating if the power is out for days due to a Winter ice storm or Summer flood or lightning storm.

Stop worrying about frozen pipes, an inactive sump pump, spoiled food, no way to heat/cool your home, no means to prepare food, wash dishes or take a shower — install a Briggs & Stratton or Cummin Generator to provide you with constant electricity and avoid any future mishaps.

We install and service Briggs & Stratton along with Cummins Generators, in sizes from 8kw to 150kw.

A back-up power system is equipped with an automatic transfer switch to supply power within seconds of a power outage and automatically shut off the generator when power is restored. The generator is permanently installed outside just like a central air conditioning unit. System can be ran on Natural gas or Propane.

Product Sheets

Compact power for basic needs


smaller footprint than competitors in named class


smaller footprint than competitors in named class

Five models to deliver the perfect level of confidence

There’s not a one-size-fits-all standby generator solution. Briggs & Stratton gives you options so you can choose the right generator for your needs.

Spec Sheets

Generators range in power from those powerful enough to keep your fridge running during a power outtage to powering your entire household indefinitely.

Browse through our spec sheets to find a suitable product or give us a call to arrange for a free professional assessment of your needs and budget



10 kw PowerProtect

12 kw PowerProtect

17 & 20 kw PowerProtect

26 kw PowerProtect

12-26 kw PowerProtect

Automatic Transfer Switches

CATSSGridIron Line Up

Available warranties

Introducing the Connect Series Home Standby Generators.

The Connect Series puts almost 100 years of proven Cummins reliability into a range of powerful backup solutions. Featuring advanced technology and design for nearly any home, large or small, these quiet, compact generators allow your life to go on normally even during an outage.

The Connect Series includes multiple models with varying power outputs that provide reliable backup, regardless of your power needs. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is also available.

What makes a Cummins standby generator right for you?

Powerful Performance

High-powered engines are designed to provide peace of mind, producing the exact amount of power you need at any given moment.

Neighborhood Friendly

Patented sound technology and an advanced housing design help make these generators some of the quietest in the industry

Compact Design

The compact size allows for installation close to your home, and the sleek appearance blends into your landscape.


Ultra-efficient natural gas or propane-powered engines create more power using less fuel for a more environmentally friendly operation.

Give us a call to talk about which generator is best for your needs!