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We hear it EVERY day:

"Times are tough..."

"I'd like to do that, but the equipment is so expensive"

"I can't afford that"

So we decided to do something about it.

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Introducing: Schultz Electric Financing Solutions

Schultz Electric has partnered with FinanceIt to provide financing options on all of our projects so that having money up front no longer needs to be a barrier to getting the electrical work you need done.

Large or Small

We provide financing solutions on all our work, up to a maximum value of $100,000. So whether you're wanting to finance a home renovation or install a solar power grid for your farm, we've got you covered!

Quick and Easy Applications

Applying for financing takes less time than driving to the bank and can be done from ANYWHERE on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop. And the approval process is lightning fast, so you know right away if you've been approved.

Competitive Rates

Put that credit card away!

Our interest rates are a fraction of what your credit card will charge you.

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